BA in Accounting from University of Jordan, Professional Certificates in Compliance and AML/CTF fields, ICGC-International Corporate Governance Certificate and GRCP - Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional


Mr. Abdulmalek Mezher joined Al-Baraka Bank (Sudan)  in October 2021 and has over 16 years of experience in Compliance, AML/CTF, Operational Risk, Corporate Governance and Board Secretariat matters in Banking and Asset Management sectors. He is First Vice President - Head of Corporate Governance & Board Affairs in ABG. Previously he worked also for Alistithmar Capital, the subsidiary of the Saudi Investment Bank, as Head of Corporate Governance besides handling matters related to Board Affairs.


Mr. Abdulmalek Mezher holds a BA in Accounting from the University of Jordan. He has several Professional Certificates in the Compliance and AML/CTF fields. He also holds the ICGC-International Corporate Governance Certificate, and is a GRCP – Governance, Risk and Compliance Professional. He recently obtained the CSAA – Certified Shari’a Advisor & Auditor designation.