Al-Baraka Family

Have you ever thought of protecting and securing the future of your loved family?

You have an obligation to protect your family, nurture their hopes and make their dreams come true. Al-Baraka bank provides you with Al-Baraka Family Scheme at a reasonable cost to protect those whom you care for.

Major advantages

· By taking part in Al-Baraka Family you can get:

  1-  An amount for any family members (according to the contract) in case of the participant death.

  2-   An amount in case of total permanent disability because of an accident or a disease.

  3-   A daily amount in case of hospitalization

  4-   An amount in case of wife’s total permanent disability because of accident or a disease.

  5-   An amount in case of death of any of your family members (according to the contract)
Why you should join?

* By joining Al-Baraka family scheme you save your family the hardship of finding money. Even in case of loss of dear ones there wouldn’t be any additional financial burden.

*Al-Baraka Family scheme provides you with security in case of total disability for you or/and your wife.

* Joining Al-Baraka Family provides you and your family with a comprehensive insurance shield.

Terms & conditions:

For more information about how you participate and the service’s terms and conditions you are requested to visit the nearest Al-Baraka branch or visit the . Al-Baraka Takaful schemes are Sharia compliant and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Al-Baraka Bank Sudan.

For swift reply, you are kindly requested to send your message to: