Baraka Mobile

Al Baraka Mobile application comes as a new and innovative dimension in the electronic banking services. It adds diversity and easy accessibility besides smart browsing. It was designed especially for Android users. The importance of Al Baraka Mobile lies in the fact that it is a new and effective method that allows clients to login to their private accounts from any mobile network. So banking operations can be at any place and time as long as the client has his mobile phone

Benefits of the service

  1.  Account balance inquiry.
  2. Mini balance statements.
  3. Purchase of electricity.
  4. Purchase of mobile toping cards.
  5. Transfer between the client accounts via mobile phone.
  6. Transfer to beneficiary account (the sender and the recipient must be both clients of Al Baraka Bank).
  7. Transfer to the client mobile phone (payment service via mobile banking).
  8. Transfer to Al Baraka Bank direct debit card.
  9. Mobile transfer to be received at branch counter.


Privacy &Policy For Mobile App

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