Al-Baraka Education Product

For a better future for your kids

Nothing is as important as good education and better educational opportunities draws heavily on the child’s future. Your investment in your kids is an investment for the future. The cost of education grows year after year to exceed, in many cases, the inflation rates. Many smart kids loose the opportunity to join the college of their choice because of poor financial resources. With Al-Baraka education you secure a better educational future for your kids.

Major advantages:

1.     Helps you make sure that poor financial resources would not obstruct your kids educational path.

2.     Enables you to push your kid to higher educational levels.

3.     Protects your kids while at school and remain covered up to graduation, post-graduation, work and marriage.

Why should you join?

·       Al-Baraka education scheme insures sustainable education for your kids.

·       Helps you provide necessary expenses for your kids’ education in case of permanent disability resulting from an accident or a disease.

·       Helps you provide an amount to your kid upon his/her graduation to assist him/her start his/her professional life.

Easy installments

You determine your participation amount based on the actual educational cost of your kid in different schooling levels, taking into consideration the tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, transportation …etc. You may consult our branches to assist you in determining the reasonable participation amount

Terms & conditions

For more information about how you participate and the service’s terms and conditions you are requested to visit the nearest Al-Baraka branch or visit the Al-Baraka Takaful schemes are Sharia compliant and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Al-Baraka Bank Sudan.

For swift reply, you are kindly requested to send your message to: