Salaries Product

  • An innovated banking product tailored by AlBaraka Bank Sudan especially for our corporate customers.
  • "Salaries" an enhanced banking product that automates crediting companies' payrolls to their employees' accounts.
  • The program is specially designed to make benefits of cash withdrawals and other payment methods. We assist in any technical arrangements required in order to make benefit from Salaries product. All staff will be provided with bank accounts and ATM cards.

Features of Salaries product:

1) Saves employers’ efforts with utmost precision, speed and safety.

2) Assists corporate customers in effective payroll management.

3) Limits risk and difficulties resulting from dealing with cash and reduces expenses.

4) 24 x7 ATM cash withdrawal.

5) Purchase of goods and services using Point-Of-Sales machines distributed in different locations.

6) The bank provides Mobile ATM service to meet the requirements of companies and corporations at their locations.

7) Free of charge cash withdrawal service.

8) Benefiting from our various banking services.

For more information, please visit any of our branches.