ATM Card

Al Baraka Bank Sudan provides its customers with free of charge ATM cards (first issuance). When using an ATM card to pay for purchases or withdraw cash, the amount will be debited to the customer's account and the transaction will appear in the account statement. Therefore, sufficient balance should be maintained on the account to cover withdrawals or purchases. Other Features and


  1. Risk free, safe and secure. There is no need to carry cash anymore.
  2. Can be used to withdraw cash 24x7 from Al Baraka or other ATM machines connected to "SUDAPAN".
  3.  A withdrawal limit of up to SDG 2000/- a day.
  4. Maximum withdrawal frequency, 5 times a day.
  5. Make use of the Point-of-sale facility to pay for purchases from commercial stores, hotel & restaurants.
  6. Ability to obtain a supplementary ATM card (upon the accountholder's request and within the approved maximum withdrawal limit & frequency, set a limit and frequency for withdrawals)
  7. Obtain a mini statement for the account detailing the last ten transactions.
    The ability to change your password at any time.
  8.  Balance inquiry.
    For more information, please visit any of our branches or contact our call center on +249 183 741 923 / 2820