Albaraka Medical

Comprehensive shield gives you peace of mind

Albaraka Medical is for all sectors of the workforce mainly address the needs of the workers in Sudan in terms of social and human.

The program provides well-being of the workforce by offering a unique and suitable Medical shield for all.

The primary advantages of Albaraka Medical

· Covers the treatment in the hospital.

· Covers outpatient treatment.

· Cover the costs of medical tests.

Bundles of Albaraka Medical

· Diamond Package.
· Gold Package.
· Silver Package.

Terms & conditions:
For more information about how you participate and the service’s terms and conditions you are requested to visit the nearest Al-Baraka branch or visit the website: Albaraka Medical Takaful schemes are Sharia compliant and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Albaraka Bank Sudan.

For swift reply, you are kindly requested to send your message to: