Al-Baraka Mortgage Shield

Did you ever think of covering your mortgages, as you expand the volume of your business and banking transactions?

Al-Baraka Bank Sudan offers you a comprehensive solution to shield your debts at a reasonable cost.

Major advantages of Al-Baraka Shield

1. Al-Baraka mortgage shield would pay back any debt amount covered by mortgage to the creditor in case of the participant’s death or disability.
2. Pay an additional amount to the participant in case of his disability or to the heirs or legatee in case of the participant’s death, if he wishes to add this additional optional shield.
Why should you join?

1. Remain covered during difficult times.
2. Secure additional amount (optional)
Terms & conditions:

For more information about how you participate and the service’s terms and conditions, you are requested to visit the nearest Al-Baraka branch or visit the website: Al-Baraka Takaful schemes are Sharia compliant and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Al-Baraka Bank Sudan.

For swift reply, you are kindly requested to send your message to: