Al-Baraka Income Shield

Do you want to protect yourself and your family? Start now.

Now you can start deducting a small portion of your income on consecutive periods to provide the cover shield you may need in the future and rest assured of the future fears.

With Al-Baraka Income shield from Al-Baraka Bank we help you protect you and your family from loss of income.

Major advantages:

1. Pay the contract amount in case of disability.
2. The participant becomes eligible to enjoy the income loss advantage if his/her income is lost due to an accident which led to income loss, termination, elimination or discontinuation on a permanent basis totally or partially or on a temporary basis totally or partially.
3. The participant becomes eligible to enjoy the rehabilitation advantage, within the rehabilitation amount listed in the table appended to the contract, in case of disability until he/she is able to resume his/her previous activities or practice any other income generating business according to the conditions applicable to his case.
4. The participant becomes eligible to enjoy the hospitalization advantage to treat injuries resulting from an accident
Why should you join?

· Available Money to the persons you care about
· Save your family from the concerns of getting money at such critical circumstances
· Protects the future of your family
Terms & conditions:

For more information about how you participate and the service’s terms and conditions you are requested to visit the nearest Al-Baraka branch or visit the website: Al-Baraka Takaful schemes are Sharia compliant and approved by the Sharia Supervisory Board of Al-Baraka Bank Sudan.

For swift reply, you are kindly requested to send your message to: