Investment Deposits

These accounts enable clients to deposit specific sums of money with the Bank throughout the year and for specific periods with the possibility of withdrawing the profits or portion of the profits every month.  The profits and losses are settled at the end of the year. The Bank invests these funds in accordance with Islamic Laws. Distribution of the profits is based on an agreement signed between the parties and in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Accounts can be opened in Sudanese pounds, or US dollars. This account allows the acquisition of profits in accordance to the principles of Islamic Sharia. The investor gets a deposit certificate showing the details of the investmen.

Benefits of the service

  •       Profits on the deposits is considered competitive compared to rival banks
  •       The possibility of opening an account in different currencies (Sudanese pound, Saudi riyal, UAE dirham, US dollar, pound sterling and Euro)

General features
The investment is on the basis of absolute speculation. The depositor authorizes the Bank to invest the deposit in projects and operations of interest for both parties.
The deposit due is one year starting in January and ending in December of the same year.  Deposits paid during the year, start from the date of the deposit and ends at the end of the year it was paid in.
Net profits resulting from investment deposits if found are disturbed between the bank, 30% (speculator) for managing and 70% to the depositor (owner of the money). The profits are paid in the same currency it was deposited in.
The applicant shall be entitled to withdraw the amount of the deposit or withdraw part of it at any time. The amount withdrawn is not involved in the speculation, unless it stays in the bank for a period of  three months.