Current accounts

Demand accounts or non profit/loss bearing bank account which allows the accountholder to write checks against the funds in the account. Current accounts do not share in profits or incur losses. The bank charge fees against services provided and accounts holders have the right to make cash or cheques deposits, transfers and withdraw cash through the tellers counter, ATMs or Point-Of-Sales. Current accounts service could be availed by individuals, companies, private establishments, social associations, clubs, etc.

Current accounts features:

1. Cheque book.

2.  Free ATM card, with the following features:

-   Using ATM card to withdraw cash from AlBaraka Bank ATMs or any other ATM via  Sudanese  Network (Sudapan) in addition to other Regional networks such as kingdom of Bahrain, State of Qatar, Egypt and Lebanon.

   - Pay for goods and services at commercial stores in Sudan through Point-Of-Sales service.

3. Quarterly ‘free of charge’ Statement of Account (or on demand).

4. Standing instructions.

     5. Domestic and overseas remittance services.

6. Opening accounts in different currencies (SDG, Saudi Riyal, UAE Dirham, US dollar, Sterling Pound and Euro).