Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a common rule of disciplined behavior and practice of groups and institutions. It aims to preserve human, universe and next generations rights and to develop human beings in terms of education, health and social rights, in terms of housing and job opportunities, as well as animal and plant safety preserving natural resources to create an ecological equilibrium.


We are in the units of Al Baraka Banking Group strive to achieve this based on Islamic values and principles according to common strategies and procedures after establishing the social responsibility management heading the group's social responsibility units.


The social responsibility unit of Al Baraka Bank Sudan is working to achieve the objectives of Al Baraka Banking Group's social responsibility strategy under the direct supervision of the General Manager and the Deputy General Manager. There is a committee which is set up by the Board of Directors for social responsibility.


Our goals are achieved by making all our business model socially responsible either by direct support or financing our customers who share the same concepts and values by partnership in real value-added productive business and benefiting all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees and local communities, resulting in creating job opportunities and eradicating poverty, non education, illness and stimulate innovation. Boost economic, industrial and agricultural growth and raise the level of awareness among employees and customers in the bank about the importance of social responsibility.