Privacy Policy

Our valued customers

The confidentiality of your information is a very important issue for Al Baraka Bank Sudan, so we are committed to our customers and take every care to ensure the confidentiality of their information. While we consider the information as a cornerstone of our ability to provide high-level service to you, remain confident our clients is the most important corner. Therefore, to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of customer information, and use it only on as you specify, are two of the most important priorities in Al Baraka Bank Sudan. Hence we promised each client from our customers.

Our valued customers, we will:

1. Protect any information provided to us by our customers and in accordance with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

2. Restrict the size and use of information to the minimum need to provide high-level services to our customers including acquainting them with our products and services and other opportunities available to them, as well as for the management of our business.

3. Only authorized persons are allowed, and who are highly trained to manage customer information, the possibility of access to customer information, note that any employee in violation of this commitment will be subject to the usual regulatory accountability in the bank

No any information concerning customers will be disclosed to any third party unless we have informed the customer in advance through data disclosure agreements, or obtained authorization for this, or it is required to do under the law.

5. Always maintain the confidentiality control of our customers' information. However, we may help to facilitate suitable offers for products and services by some of the prestigious companies, knowing that we will not allow these companies to retain any information for Al Baraka Bank Sudan customers except in the case of the customer clearly express interest in their products or services.

6. Our customers are informed by explicit language since the beginning, and then once every year at least how they can exclude their names from the mailing lists and marketing for those companies. The customer can call us at any time to remove his name from those lists.

7. Every time we use a third party to provide support services to us, we request that party to comply with our approved standards of confidentiality and let us inspect it and make sure about its commitment to do so.

We will always evaluate ourselves in order to ensure full compliance with our standards for the confidentiality of customer information. We will exercise our activity in a manner that ensures fulfilling our promise in all of the communities in which we operate.

This section explains our policy regarding any personal information you may provide to us when you visit our website. Our goal is to protect your personal information on the internet at the same level to protect us in all other locations for our dealings with you ... in the branches, at ATMs and on the phone.

Al Baraka Bank Sudan policy regarding the confidentiality of internet information use

1. You can visit this site and see what products and services we offer and read the reports issued by Al Baraka Bank Sudan and view career opportunities available, or get a summary of the latest news about Al Baraka Bank Sudan and other valuable services, and without asking you to give us any information about yourself.

2. If you provide us with personal information about yourself like your address and your phone number or your fax as well as any essential or identifiable information about you as a customer at Al Baraka Bank Sudan, we are committed after detection of such information (inform anyone else about it, or selling or disclosure) to third parties unless you are notified by it and we will get authorization from you or to do so by law. We will keep this information as well as your activities and your dealings according to our stringent usual standards regarding security and confidentiality of information.

3. In order to provide you a better service, and to avoid potential dangers in terms of security and confidentiality of the information, we sometimes will use what is called a "cookie", a small piece of information on the web site stored in your browser, and you can restore them later. We use cookies for a number of administrative purposes, such as storing your preferences for certain types of information or to store a password so that you do not need to enter it each time you visit our site. Most of the information of this kind only lasts for a session or per visit. And not one of them has anything for anyone to contact you by telephone or by e-mail or by snail mail. You can adjust in your web browser so that it tells you when cookies are installed or to prevent installation.