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 About Albaraka

    Shareholders Relations

Bank Information and shares:

-       The Company is registered at the Registrar of Companies under the CR number: C 2732.

-       The company shares are listed on the Khartoum Stock Exchange and deposited as well at the center of deposit and the Central Depository at the stock market.

-       The Bank is member of Al Baraka Banking Group (ABG), the world's leading Islamic banking group - Bahrain.

Nature of Shares:

All issued shares are ordinary shares and are subject to equal obligations. Shareholders are committed only to the value of share and their obligations may not be increased accordingly.

Shareholders’ Rights

  • Participate in dividends approved by the Ordinary General Assembly and recommended by the Company's Board of Directors.

  • Take part in the General Assembly of the company, discuss the agenda and review the Board of Directors and the External auditor's report about the financial position of the company and the accuracy of its financial statements and position.

  • Participate in the discussion and approval of reports and financial statements and accompanying explanations.

  •  Approve the Board of Directors’ recommendations regarding the distribution of dividends.

  • The right to vote and stand for election to the board of directors of the company, according to the company's memorandum and articles association.

  • Appoint the external auditor.

  • Amend the company's memorandum and articles association.

  • Liquidate the company.

  • Vote on the resolutions of the Annual General Assembly.

  • Call for a general meeting.

Shareholder’s obligations

The obligation of shareholders is limited to his/her/its share in the company’s capital.

Share’s ownership transfer

The ownership of securities issued by any person in or outside Sudan may not be transferred except through Khartoum Stock Exchange. Securities are transferred and their ownership registered according to the terms and documents defined by the management of Khartoum Stock Exchange in accordance with the effective rules and regulations.

The General Assembly of the shareholders- Terms of Reference

The Ordinary General Assembly of shareholders is in charge of the following:

a)    Nominate and terminate the Board of Directors and determine their remuneration.

b)    Monitor the Board of Directors business and relieve off their responsibility.

c)    Appoint the External auditor and determine their remuneration.

d)    Appoint the Fatwa & Sharia Supervision Board and determine their remuneration.

e)    Review and approve the financial statements of the Bank and the External auditor's report and the report of the Fatwa & Sharia Supervision Board of the Bank.

f)     Discuss and approve the Board of Directors report.

Dividends and bonus shares during the previous years
Bank has achieved increasing growth during the previous years in total shareholders' equity. The years between 2009 and 2013 have witnessed the distribution of cash dividends and bonus shares ​​ to the shareholders as follows:


Role of the Shareholders Relations Department:

All shareholders may communicate with the bank through the Shareholders Relations Dept. at the following address.

The Shareholders Relations Department is in charge of the following:

-       Receive shareholders applications or request regarding the transfer of cash dividends and to the shareholder's bank account after filling up the (attached) form and endorse it by the beneficiary's bank and send it to the bank to process the transfer.

-       Update the shareholders data by filling up the attached form and send it to the bank to update the shareholder’s data at the Central Depository & Saving Department of the Stock Market. Press (Individuals , corporates ) to request Application Form.

-       Receive and answer shareholders inquiries through all possible means of communication; telephone, fax, postal and e-mail.

-        Provide information and financial statements of the bank, annually or quarterly.

Shares cash dividend

-       Dividend cheques can be received from the Shareholders Relations Dept., located at the 5th floor of Al-Baraka Tower. Dividend cheques may be handed over to the shareholders personally or to their attorneys who should produce an authenticated power of attorney.

Dividend Cheques for overseas shareholders


At the request of the shareholder, the Bank will transfer profits to the account of the shareholder's choice outside the Sudan. Applications should be made by filling up the prescribed Form. Please, press here to request the Dividend Transfer Application Form

Contact Information

Shareholders Relations Department

Al Baraka Sudan
PO Box 3583, Khartoum
Republic Of Sudan

Khartoum - Al Baraka Tower 5th floor

Tel: +249 183 761258 _ Tel: +249 187 11 2011_ ext. 2011

Fax: +249 183 788582

E-mail: mozamil@albaraka.com.sd

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