EX Rate
  • US Dollar       Sell      7.1163      Buy      7.1519
  • Euro       Sell      7.7262      Buy      7.7648
  • UK Pound       Sell      8.9672      Buy      9.0121
  • Kuwiat Dinar       Sell      23.4411      Buy      23.5583
  • Saudi Riyal       Sell      1.8973      Buy      1.9068
  • UAE Dirham       Sell      1.9375      Buy      1.9472
  • Qater Riyal       Sell      1.9543      Buy      1.964
  ATM Locations
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Albaraka tower

Burg ATM

Aljamaa ST

Ministry of foreign Affairs ATM

Souk Arabi Branch

Souk Arabi ATM

Souk Arabi Branch

Souk Arabi ATM

Amarat Branch

Amarat ATM

Sudatel Tower

Sudatel ATM

Burri –Khartoum  Exhibition ST


Souk Mahali Branch

Souk Mahali ATM

Sudacad academy

Sudacad ATM

Makka Hospital ST

Alriyad ATM

Aljawda medical center - Sahafa ST

Aljawda ATM


Mobile ATM (1)


Mobile ATM (2)





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